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Ten steps higher

Author:Angie Adeyi

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Publisher : Pyxidia House

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Title : Ten steps higher

Book Category : Fiction ,Teen

Language : English

Author : Angie Adeyi

Print Publisher : Pyxidia House

E/Audio Book Publisher :

Formats : Print, eBook.

Print : October 2020

E/Audio Book : http://books.apple.com/us/book/id1539534695

Pages : 179

ISBN 13 : 978-1946530240 | ISBN 10:1946530247


Realistic, fantastical, amusing, and tragic, "Ten Steps Higher" reflects the contemporary adolescence of a high school girl, Alexis McDaniels, as she weaves through the burdensome 'swim or sink' life she's forced to live.

Alexis may not be the coolest girl in her high school, but she has a biting wit, spot-on courage and way too smart to ignore the wiles of ignorant school bullies. She takes on the high-stakes game of teen-tyranny ten steps higher, and in the process fashions unexpected relationships in the most unlikely circles.

Inventing who and what she will be, Alexis builds the dream team, and out of it discovers she's so much more. She finally finds the life she so deeply sought, only to face a tragedy that leaves her gasping for breath and questioning her life. Beautifully written, "Ten Steps Higher” nimbly blends sharp with unapologetic emotion and is sure to resonate.



Angie Adeyi is a Middle School student and the author of “I AM ME!” Her love and passion for fiction writing has led her to win various writing awards, including Author of the Year awards in her school for four consecutive years.

Angie is hard-working, creative, and talented in diverse ways. Her father, Wole Adeyi, also an author, inspired and mentored her into writing. She hopes to grow to become a light and a blessing to her world through her works of fiction.

Angie resides in Dallas, Texas with her parents, Wole and Bambo Adeyi, and three older siblings.

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