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A collection of love notes

Author:Adewale Laja-Akintayo

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Publisher : Pyxidia House

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Title : Unspoken

Book Category : Fiction ,Romance,Adult

Language :

Author : Adewale Laja-Akintayo

Print Publisher : Pyxidia House

E/Audio Book Publisher :

Formats : Print, eBook.

Print : April 2021

E/Audio Book : https://books.apple.com/us/book/unspoken-a-collection-of-love-notes/id1562578543

Pages : 120

ISBN 13 : 978-1-946530-28-8 | ISBN 10:1-946530-28-X


UNSPOKEN: A collection of Love Notes offers measured doses of cupidity that elevate experiences of the heart into perfectly rendered verses that resonate, linked by a unity of theme – love.

Love struts down these pages in all its elegance and form – given, received, accepted, rejected, ignored, fantasized, lost, found, bitter, sweet, bitter-sweet, and even disappears with no prescription as no description.

Sometimes, we get buried in our different thoughts in love. And most times, we can’t express in words these heartfelt feelings and thoughts. Yet at times, we feel the urge to engrave those special moments of solitude, those special moments unspoken into words to be read, analyzed, digested, and manipulated.

UNSPOKEN is lyrical, exuberant, and sensual as a tropical night swirling in jazz. With its effervescent lyricism, it expresses the unspoken moments in such unique defining ways that keep the flame burning and makes it hard not to be swept away by the urgency of the author’s language; thus, packing a riveting intensity that equals only the passion of the unspoken.



Adewale Laja-Akintayo is a lover, a dreamer, a writer, a poet, and an entrepreneur. He is a health care professional, a minister of the gospel to the youth, a fashion designer, a dancer, and a creative artist.

Adewale’s poems have been featured in Poetry.com “Best Poems and Poets of 2013”, and “Immortal Portraits”.He’s also written stage plays that have been produced and performed in the United States and Africa. He is the Chief Executive Visioner of Dudu Pride Closet, an online fashion house that creates unique and select earth and Afrocentric wears and accessories.

Adewale is married to his long-time love, Opeyemi, and they are blessed with a son, Abel, and two daughters, Mabel and Marvel.

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