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Hidden riches

Author:Ugochukwu Ejelonu

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Publisher : Pyxidia House

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Title : Hidden riches

Book Category : Religious,Inspirational,Finance,Christian Living

Language : English

Author : Ugochukwu Ejelonu

Print Publisher : Pyxidia House

E/Audio Book Publisher : Pyxidia House

Formats : print, eBook.

Print :

E/Audio Book :

Pages : 256

ISBN 13 : 978-1-946530-33-2 | ISBN 10:1-946530-33-6


"Hidden Riches" is a captivating look at total success, offering a unique perspective on wealth, the Kingdom, and the journey towards Truth. The author, Ugochukwu Ejelonu, unveils how success is a spiritual idea - a result of God's spiritual principles ordained from the beginning of time. It digs into the very root of man's spiritual nature and reveals how one can best tap into this hidden wealth of resources for the greater good of one's self and others.

Written with verve and brilliance, Hidden Riches will prompt reflection and shatter assumptions. Ugochukwu Ejelonu challenges and equips readers to be living lights, pointing the way to the true gospel about wealth and the Kingdom of God. Hidden Riches will bolster your faith and encourage your own journey toward God's Truth. Whether you're a Christian who has suddenly woken up to reality, and wonders how to engage sensitively and effectively with the power to make wealth or someone grappling with a polarized world, this book offers the clarity and understanding to hold your ground and reclaim your birthright.

"Hidden Riches" is broad and encompassing for both Christians and non-Christians, offering unlimited possibilities and eye-opening opportunities to engage the truth and the extraordinary results it offers in the end.



Ugochukwu Ejelonu is a genuine lover and servant of God with the anointing of God’s love to be a channel of blessings to the body of Christ and the world at large.

God has blessed him with multi-dimensional graces in his journey. He got some of these graces from following genuine, anointed men of God, and some, he got directly from the Throne of Grace upon the altar of engaging the mysteries of the kingdom and spiritual maturity. He has been increasing in this capacity for years by the sole hand of God upon his life.

Ugochukwu Ejelonu is currently serving God at Winners’ Chapel Int’l, Arlington, Texas, USA.

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