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From a friend

Author:Joannah Olanipekun

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Publisher : Pyxidia House

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Title : From a friend

Book Category : Non-Fiction,Children,Pre-teen

Language : English

Author : Joannah Olanipekun

Print Publisher : Pyxidia House

E/Audio Book Publisher : Pyxidia House

Formats : print, eBook.

Print : February 2022

E/Audio Book : https://books.apple.com/us/book/from-a-friend/id1611801026

Pages : 110

ISBN 13 : 978-1-946530-34-9 | ISBN 10:1-946530344


It can be hard to leave behind all that is familiar to brace the new, and that is exactly what Ana grapples with…

"From A Friend" is the exciting adventure of a young girl, Ana, who embarks on an unexpected move with her parents and little brother to the United States of America, far away from the friends, life, and even the name she had come to know in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Ana soon discovers her parents just can't stay put; she is in for an unstable, endless rollercoaster ride, and she must find a way to cope with this unfamiliar trend. Unexpectedly, Ana finds escape in a heartwarming gift, ushering in a breath of fresh air and helping her process all the changes and emotions that came with each move.

The story's iconic character is sure to make this children's book a hit with every child.



Joannah Olanipekun is currently a 6th grader at Jerry Knight Stem Academy, Mansfield, TX.

Joannah was born in Baltimore, MD, and lived in Lagos, Nigeria, before her family reunited in Texas in 2016. She now lives with her loving and supportive parents and two amazing brothers.

Joannah is a gifted and talented learner, a great thinker with a passion for artistic expression and literature, which she adapts as a tool for community development.

Joannah wants people to live in harmony and collaborate to improve their community. She looks into the future with optimism.

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