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If only

Author:Oluseyi J. Akinlade

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Publisher : Pyxidia House

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Title : If only

Book Category : Fiction ,Religious

Language : English

Author : Oluseyi J. Akinlade

Print Publisher : Pyxidia House

E/Audio Book Publisher : Pyxidia House

Formats : Print, eBook.

Print :

E/Audio Book : https://books.apple.com/us/book/if-only/id6445212117

Pages : 160

ISBN 13 : 978-1-946530-38-7 | ISBN 10:1-946530-38-7


If Only is a stunning portrayal of the yearnings and emotions of a young girl trapped in the vicious cycle of rejection, cruelty, deception, and abuse, telling the haunting truth about the unpredictability of life.

Roseline was a normal, loved, happy little girl living alone with her mom. Until she wasn't. Her dad's return from the war changed everything. What follows is the nerve-racking depth of abuse Roseline has to endure. Alone and isolated, she struggles to navigate her young years with a deep yearning to be loved but finding only more deception, rejection, and abuse.

God brings some hope to Roseline through two unlikely women: a purposeful old lady, Martha, who keeps watch by her window for the attention of a loving Father to the destitute, the rejected, and the abused, and a godly, educated young lady, Julia, who can relate much too well to the path Roseline is forced to tread.

But suddenly, Roseline exits their safe haven without a word and again is plunged into the darkness she fought so hard to escape. Will the duo's faith in God be enough to unlock the prison that holds Roseline? Will Roseline ever find her way to the light?

With a masterful blend of relatable characters and compelling relationships, Oluseyi J. Akinlade weaves a tale that speaks volumes about the scars abuse leave on the bodies and hearts. But more than that, it is a tale about resilience, strength, and God's love.



Oluseyi J. Akinlade is a child of God, a loving husband, and a caring father of three. He gave his life to Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior in Nigeria in 1998.

He relocated to the United States of America in 1999, and has since been worshipping and serving at Salem Gospel Mission International (The Chapel of Peace) in Providence, Rhode Island, where he was ordained as a Deacon in 2014.

Oluseyi J. Akinlade is an entrepreneur, a teacher and a student of the Bible.

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